What's Different About Ferris Building?

As you can see we are very passionate about the business of building luxury homes. We do things a little differently at Ferris Building.

Below are some of the things that set us apart from other builders.

  1. The Ferris 13 Step Quality Assurance System.

    We believe that "close enough is not good enough". For example, a contractor recently installed a metal roof on the third story of a luxury beach-side home we were constructing.

    When our site supervisor was on the roof running through our "Roofing QA checklist", he found some minor dents in the roof sheets that were caused by the strapping of the sheets in the factory. None of these dents had scratched the protective coating and it wasn't visible from the street, the neighbour's window, or anywhere but up on the roof itself.

    But we knew it was there. Close enough isn't good enough. We called in the sheet metal supplier and replaced the entire roof.

    At Ferris we have 13 Quality Assurance Checkpoints in the construction of any luxury home that ensures the little details are taken care of. It ensures your home is built to the highest quality possible.

  2. The Ferris "Build Open Book" System.

    When building a luxury home, the process is usually to take the design through Development Approval (DA) stage and then Construction Certificate (CC) stage and get a number of builders to each submit a "fixed priced quote".

    The challenge with doing things this way is there's no such thing as a fixed priced quote. It's almost impossible to compare apples with apples because most builders don't itemise their quotes down to enough detail to allow you to do this.

    What then ends up happening is that once you've locked yourself into a contract you get hit with a heap of "variations" which can easily increase the cost of your home dramatically!

    At Ferris we are completely different. We share with you what our profit margin will be. You see, it makes no sense to use a builder who isn't profitable. They can go out of business trying to "win jobs" by cutting their prices. Instead, we show you upfront what our percentage margin will be.

    If we need to make some costs savings on your project it doesn't come from cutting corners, it comes from consultation with your architect on how to build things a little differently so you save money but don't sacrifice quality.

    For each project we maintain a detailed inventory of every cost item, right down to the nuts and bolts.

    We share progress against our estimate on a weekly basis with you, so you know exactly where your budget is up to every step of the way. It's different, but it's open and honest, exactly the way we choose to be.